Volunteers Needed TODAY and TOMORROW – See Below – Count Toward RSSW Hours – Download Log and Have It Signed

This is Marissa Tanner, Coordinator for the Upstate New York Junior Science & Humanities Symposium. We need volunteers for our Upstate NY JSHS event.  This year’s 32nd Annual Upstate NY JSHS will take place tomorrow  Tuesday, March 7th and Wednesday, March 8th.  

We will need volunteers throughout the day on both days. I’ve made a little chart below which shows the different types of activities we have you helping us with during the symposium . We will need people from 9am-8:30pm on Tuesday, and 10am-2pm on Wednesday.  If you  can do the whole day that is great, but if you can only work shifts of different hours that is fine.  

Free t-shirt for the first 20 people! 

We need a lot of volunteers in the morning to help direct people from parking lots to the registration area and to help register participants, so if you are available in the morning starting at 9am (8:30am we will be there), please come meet us at our registration table outside of the campus center ballroom, promptly at 9am.  If you are available during any of the times listed below, please come to the registration table and we will assign you duties as you arrive. 

I have attached the program of the event for your viewing. Also, if you would like to volunteer on Tuesday, you are invited to join us for dinner during the awards ceremony, but are not required to. 

Please also feel free to share this opportunity with other students that you think may be interested in helping. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Volunteer Duties
Tuesday March 7th– Need Volunteers spanning 9am-8:30pm
*People can work shifts according to their availability

Helping Direct schools from buses to campus
Helping Direct Students, Teachers, Judges, etc.
Checking people in at registration table
Distribute bags to schools
Helping set up Session Rooms

Early Afternoon to Evening
Monitor Rooms
Help Taking Pictures
Direct students to stage
Check dinner badges, etc. 

Wednesday, March 8th– Need Volunteers spanning 10am-2pm
Help Taking Pictures
Helping Direct Students, Teachers, Judges, etc.

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