Albany Barn Has 7 Volunteer Opportunities Available – Earn RSSW Credits

Albany Barn


Albany Barn is dedicated to providing a sustainable creative arts incubator and community arts center in Arbor Hill – a place for artists to live, work and inspire.

There are several individual artist projects that could utilize support from interns/volunteers. Those positions would be great for business, marketing, communications, design, or art students. (I have a total of 6 positions available).
 I also have an opportunity for a student who may be interested in education, youth services, or similar area working with our youth programs to coordinate program schedules, assist with classes, and coordinate supply drives.

All positions can be fairly flexible in terms of number of hours and schedule, and we can also work with students to find additional tasks related to their specific area of interest.

>Please let me know if there is other information that would be helpful or feel free to directly connect students to me to answer individual questions.

Kristen M. Holler
Executive Director
Albany Barn, Inc.
56 Second Street
Albany, NY 12210

Phone:  518-935-4858


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