SCCC Needs Peer Tutors – Earn RSSW Credits

Academic Services

Position Description:

A Tutor is a staff member of Academic Services who provides academic guidance and support by clarifying course content and promoting or modeling the use of appropriate study strategies.   Tutors may be assigned to scheduled one-to-one tutoring sessions in the Tutor Services unit or to walk-in sessions in the following units: Learning Center/Writing Lab, Math Lab, or Accounting/CIS Tutor Lab.

Tutor Services Tutors report to the Tutor Coordinator or to the Director of Academic Services, if assigned to walk-in units.

Categories of and Minimum Qualifications for Tutors

  • Peer Tutors
    • undergraduates currently enrolled at Schenectady County Community College or have transferred from SCCC to a Capital Region 4-year college or university
    • Minimum of A- in subject being tutored
    • CRLA certification highly preferred
    • Previous tutoring experience preferred
    • In good standing with the College
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Strong intellectual curiosity and openness to different perspectives
    • Faculty member recommendation for course(s) being tutored 
  • Professional Tutor
    • minimum of Bachelor’s degree
    • A grade of B+ or higher in all course(s) and/or subject areas for which tutoring services will be offered
    • CRLA certification highly preferred
    • Tutoring or teaching experience preferred
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Strong intellectual curiosity and openness to different perspectives


  • ALL newly-hired staff that has NOT had tutoring or teaching experience MUST undergo an orientation/training session with the Tutor Coordinator AND confer with her on a regular basis for a minimum of six weeks. Those assigned to a walk-in unit will confer with a designated mentor.
  • Adhere to all guidelines as expressed in the Academic Services Code of Behavior
  • Meet with assigned students in the Begley Library Tutor Center or other designated or pre-approved areas
  • Consult with Tutor Coordinator or Director of Academic Services if problems arise or i there is a need for advice on a tutoring situation
  • Attend professional development sessions, as requested
  • Complete timesheets in an accurate or timely mannerContact:   or
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