NYS Museum After School Program Needs Volunteers – Earn RSSW Credits

After-school Program 

I’m writing to you in hopes that you could help me contact some organizations and/or look for volunteers willing to help out at an after-school program that I work with this year. The name of the after-school program is Museum Club, and the program aims to help children progress academically by assisting them with their homework and having them write reading reports daily to improve their reading and writing levels. During the other half of the time that the kids are at the programs,  we have them go to workshops/programs conducted by our educators, where they use exhibits and components of the museum to educate the kids on history. Our kids range from the ages of 7-13 and struggle with different learning difficulties in reading, writing and math. Many of our kids start the program below their appropriate reading level. The program runs from 3-5pm, Monday through Friday at the New York State Museum downtown. We’d really appreciated dedicated and patient volunteers, as we are very low on staff and would love for our kids to have as much one on one assistance as possible.

We just ask that volunteers willing to help are mindful that the kids look forward to new faces, so being consistent is very important. We also ask that the volunteers are attentive and helpful to the students while they’re working, as the children need as much one on one attention as possible. The volunteers can actually log the hours they volunteer here in for community service hours if needed as long as it’s approved by the school.

I hope you can help with this, thank you!


Sully Guzman

Assistant Director of Youth Services- New York State Museum

President- Fashion Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs

Vice President- SUNY Albany Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Department of Psychology- Class of 2015

University at Albany, SUNY



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