Summer Internship Opportunity

We are looking to fill one of the internship positions this summer at Centro Civico.

This is for the Summer Service Scholars Program which runs from June 2 to August 1 ( The position requires fluency in Spanish and would be a combination of hands on service work with some needs assessment work for Hispanically owned businesses in the area.

All Scholars are full-time (9-5) for the duration of the internship.There is no payment or stipend but they do get a 1,175.00 AmeriCorps educational award and can get credit at UAlbany through CPSP or a UNI course.

Please contact me for more information. I will be happy to talk in more detail about the summer position.

Ruth Kassel, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Academic Community Engagement
Community Engaged Teaching and Learning
Phone 518-782-6951
Fax 518-786-5080
Set up a meeting

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