Journalism Opportunity – Earn RSSW Credits

A semester-long paid internship at The Legislative Gazette prepares you to work for a newspaper, news station or public relations job straight from college and earn up to 15 upper division credits while doing it.
You’ll be reporting on the bustling, influential political arena of the state capital in Albany, New York. You’ll attend press conferences, sit in during legislative sessions, and ask the governor of New York questions. You’ll work alongside reporters from The New York Times, the Associated Press, NPR and NBC. You’ll have phone calls returned from powerful policy makers. And your reporting will provide the news and commentary that will help these policy makers shape legislation.
Consequently, your resume and portfolio of news clips will stand out in a crowd of job applicants. You can expect to gain extensive news-gathering and news-writing experience and have an opportunity to hone your skills in journalism, photojournalism, Web reporting, social media, and video to Web. After all, you and your fellow interns are The Gazette’s staff reporters.
You’ll probe for answers at press briefings and report on the machinations of New York’s Senate and Assembly committees and state regulatory agencies. You’ll conduct interviews, unearth leads, attend relevant meetings and write the stories and take photographs both for the paper’s print edition and website.
From government reform to environmental issues, from health policies to elections, you will have the opportunity to report on the prevailing, often controversial, issues that makes New York such a unique political environment.
In short, you will witness government in action.
Student reporters also participate in a weekly seminar on state government taught in our office by Dr. Alan Chartock, professor emeritus of communication and political science at UAlbany.
The internship is offered every spring, summer and fall semester. For more information or to request an application contact Internship Coordinator James Gormley at or (518) 486-6513.
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Legislative Gazette_Page_2Internship in Public Affairs Reporting

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