Albany Public Library – Delaware Branch Needs Volunteers – Count Towards RSSW Hours

The Delaware Branch of the Albany Public Library will be celebrating International Game Day on Saturday, November 15th from 1:30-3:30. We are looking for one or two volunteers who would like to volunteer to play games with youth attending the program and help with any set up that may be necessary. If possible, we would like interested volunteers to show up a half hour before the event. Also, we welcome anyone to come by and bring their favorite game(s) to play. The poster is a little misleading as we will not have video games to play. However, we welcome any card, board, or other table games to play.

Interested parties should contact the Volunteer Coordinator by phone, 518-427-4363, or email,


Thank you,

Cassandra Krom

Cassandra Krom

Siena VISTA Fellow

Volunteer Coordinator

Albany Public Library

161 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12210

518-427-4363 phone

518-449-3386 faxAlbany Public Library International Games Day Poster